3 Reasons a Judge Might Deny Your Bail

Being denied bail by a judge is never a good feeling. But, there are three main reasons that a judge may refuse you the right to bail. The most common three reasons for this are:

  • You’re a flight risk
  • You are not a US Citizen
  • You’re a repeat offender

Let’s explore these reasons in greater detail.

Reason 1 – You’re a Flight Risk

The most common reason to deny bail to a defendant is a flight risk. If you, the defendant in this situation, have been deemed a flight risk by a judge, then that means that the judge feels that it is highly likely that you’ll skip bail. Unfortunately, if you’ve been determined a flight risk, there is little to nothing that you can do to return your right to bail to you.

Reason 2 – You’re Not a US Citizen

Another common reason to deny bail to a defendant is that the defendant in question is not a US citizen. If you’re here illegally, you will be refused bail and be turned into Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and possibly deported.

Reason 3 – You’re a Repeat Offender

If you’re a repeat offender (especially for similar crimes), then a judge can deny you bail. Many judges refuse bail to repeat offenders because they feel that they have misused your gift of freedom. So if you’re a repeat offender, there is little chance that a judge will grant you a right to bail.

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