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Calling a Stockton bail bonds service might be the wise move to make right now. Sitting in the county jail for days or weeks won’t make life easy for you or your family. Without the cash to post bail, there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do. A bail bondsman could step in to help you out. Bad Boy Bail Bonds assists those incarcerated awaiting a court date. Located at 478 7th Street, Oakland, CA 94607, we’re able to take calls anytime at 1-800-BAIL-OUT or (510) 663-1000

How the Bail Bonds Process in Stockton Works

Looking at a bail amount you can’t afford may lead you to think you won’t be getting out of jail. By working with a bail bondsman, you can secure your release. If you’ve never dealt with the legal system before, the whole experience may be frightening. You might not be sure about what to expect from a bail bonds service. Don’t worry. The bail bonds process in Stockton follows just a few simple steps.

The judge sets an amount of money you must pay the court in order for you to be released. When you can’t pay the amount, you turn to a bondsman. Our Stockton bail bonds company accepts a small percentage of the bail bonds amount plus some form of collateral. We then pay the rest to the court. Bail gets posted. You are released. You will need to know where the defendant is being held before you call and the San Joaquin Sheriff provides a tool for finding inmates here.

Follow the Terms of the Bail Bonds in Stockton

You don’t want your bail revoked. No Stockton bail bondsman wants to see you returned to jail due to not following the court’s orders. Be sure to appear on your court date. A “no-show” in court means you forfeit your bond. The Stockton bail bondsman service then lays claim to your collateral, which no one wants to happen. Also, the court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Refunding Bail Bonds in Stockton After Appearing in Court

The court refunds the bail bonds amount once you appear in court. The bail bondsmen in Stockton keeps the downpayment you made to cover the company’s costs. Again, the process remains a relatively simple one. Dealing with the legal system brings enough hassles. We make sure the steps to pay the bonds service stay straightforward. To learn more about our specific prices and fees, click HERE

Contacting Bail Bondsmen in Stockton

You can be arrested at any time. Things seem worse if the arrest occurs on a weekend or a major holiday. Not all businesses stay closed. The phones at our Stockton bail bonds company stay open 24/7 and 365 days a year. Place a call to our office, and we’ll start work securing your bond.