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Modesto residents are sometimes unsure about the bail bonds process. Bail is offered to provide the arrested person the ability to gain their freedom while they await resolution in their criminal case. Although the law prevents bail from being too excessive, many individuals do not have cash readily available. In response to that, the Bad Boys Bail Bonds bail bondsmen in Modesto and Brawley offer their services to put up the full bail amount in exchange for a small fee.

Professional Modesto Bail Bondsmen Who Provide Peace of Mind

Our Modesto bail bondsmen provide reliable, professional and confidential service to assist individuals in getting released from custody. Our bail bonds services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are always standing by to help.

Modesto Bail Bonds And Collateral

When one of our bail bondsmen offers a surety bond, they often require collateral to secure the bond’s value. Your Modesto bail bondsman often accepts collateral in the form of the resale value of a home, car, boat, and sometimes smaller items including firearms, computers, jewelry and/or cameras. Once you have met all of your court dates and your bail amount has been returned to us, your collateral will be returned to you.

The Advantages of Using Modesto Bail Bonds

The best reason for using bail bonds in Modesto is to avoid paying 100% of the total bail amount on your own. Using our professional bail bonds agency (like ours), you will only be charged a small portion of the amount as a fee. In addition, the bondsman will understand the process completely and help guide you through the court system. This is especially beneficial to have someone on your side at a time when you are feeling great stress and anxiety. You, like nearly any individual held in custody under arrest, wants to avoid waiting in a jail cell until trial. Without using a bail bond, you could end up sitting in jail until the judge assigns a court date. This could be 4 to 7 months or even longer. As an alternative, the courts offer bail as a way to avoid sitting in the county jail. Posting bail provide you the opportunity to keep your job and pay all the family bills. It allows you to spend time with your family and friends once you are released from custody.

Bail Bonds in Modesto When You Need Them

When posting bail, our Modesto bail bonds company can complete the necessary paperwork in as little as 30 minutes. Once your bond has been set by the court your bondsman can initiate the release process and have you home with your family and friends in as little as a couple of hours. So why wait? Give one of our professional bondsmen a call as soon as possible.

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