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Bad Boys Bail Bonds offers bail rates at 5% of the total bond amount*! Contact our bail agents today to learn more!

*After a 2% rebate for qualified individuals.
Our San Rafael bail bonds company is here to provide emergency bonds in case of emergency. The freedom that we have could easily be taken for granted until it is taken away from us. Many people might go through their entire lives without needing our San Rafael bail bonds services, but if the time comes we will be ready. As a San Rafael bail bondsman, our goal is to provide our customers with their freedom as soon as the law allows. The only reason for any delay would generally be if the jail is busy or if funds are slow to come by.

Our Bail Bonds In San Rafael Are Always Available

Many instances might deter someone on the wrong side of the law from calling us, but none of those reasons should include our inability to provide the service. Detainees who are looking for bail bonds in San Rafael should be aware that we are always there to help. Our San Rafael bail bonds company will be able to help the detainee, regardless of what kinds of charges exist. Bad Boys Bail Bonds is always here to help you out.

Contact Our Bail Bondsman In San Rafael Today

Detainees released on their own recognizance won’t need our San Rafael bail bonds service. It is possible to contact a bail bondsman in San Rafael before knowing if a bail amount is required.

You Can Rely On Our San Rafael Bail Bonds Company To Help

Once the detainee comes before the judge, and a plea is offered, the detainee or their representative will contact us to provide bail bonds in San Rafael. There is no cash break when it comes to giving a bond to arrange for the freedom of the detainee. However, our San Rafael bail bonds company has achieved its reputation from being there when we are needed. For the most part, a percent of the total amount of bail money is required, of which the detainee or the family will provide.

Things generally happen pretty slow in the justice system. So, once you know the bail amount and the detainee is waiting on their release, the San Rafael bail bondsman services that we provide will not be the reason for keeping them behind bars longer than they need to be. Don’t trust your freedom to the first bondsman you encounter, choose our bail bondsman in San Rafael and be assured that you will be with your family soon.