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Bad Boys Bail Bonds offers bail rates at 5% of the total bond amount*! Contact our bail agents today to learn more!

*After a 2% rebate for qualified individuals.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds’ Los Angeles bail bondsmen work 24/7 to make sure we can get you back home with Mama as soon as possible.

Anyone can suddenly find themselves suddenly stripped of their freedom and trapped in a jail cell! But there’s no need to worry with the top bail bondsmen in Los Angeles on your side. With our bail bonds company’s state-wide network, you can be sure that the Bad Boys Bail Bonds team has the confidence of California behind it. Our team serves bail bonds in Los Angeles quickly and professionally because we know your Mama wants you home now! Not convinced? Well, then take a look at our hundreds of testimonials and 5-star Yelp reviews. Don’t waste any more time in a jail cell; contact us at (213) 626-6226 and speak with a Los Angeles bail bondsman today.

Our Services for Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

Our bail bondsmen in Los Angeles are consummate professionals we’ve trained to handle any situation. In the confusing and stressful times after an arrest, you can count on a Los Angeles bail bondsman from Bad Boy Bail Bonds to lead you through your dark hour. All of our bail bondsmen are trained to deal with the entire bail bonds process in Los Angeles and would be more than happy to explain every step of the way. Please don’t deal with this alone; let us help you with this short guide to the bail bonds process.

  • Stay Calm The worst thing you can do after an arrest is lose your cool and make a scene. It is understandable to feel traumatized after the shock after an arrest, but you’ll leave custody soon with the help of Bad Boys Bail Bonds.
  • Know your Plan Use the initial 48 hour processing period to gather yourself. Get a grasp of the situation and gather any information you can use for defense or your bail bond.
  • Contact Us Contact us as soon as the bail is set and let us know the arrested’s location, date of birth, booking number, bail amount, arresting charge, and arresting agency.
  • Reunite with the Family In no time at all. We will have you back at home with Mama, your family, or maybe even a lawyer to help plan your defense.

A Los Angeles bail bondsman from Bad Boys Bail Bonds will help make sure the bail bond application is correctly filled and answer any further questions you may have.

The Most Reliable In Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Our trusted reputation should make us your top choice for a reliable Los Angeles bail bonds company. Our experienced team has seen just about every possible situation a bail bondsman could encounter and overcome them all. That is why all of California knows our name and comes to us when in need. Our customers know not to go it alone. Paying the total bail price is nothing more than fantasy for most people. Still, we specialize in making it your reality. Our low rates(as low as 7% of your bail amount!) are also sure to save you money to go towards your defense or family.

Trust the Experts in Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Other bail bonds services don’t stand up to Bad Boys Bail Bonds. We provide:

  • Decades of Experience Working with Bail Bonds for People in Need
  • Trained, Professional Bondsmen Ready to Lead You Through the Process
  • A State-Wide Network of Bail Bondsmen Ready to Bail You Out!
  • Fair, Transparent, Rates

Contact us today or talk with your loved ones about getting our help. We’ve been reuniting families for years. Our priority is to make sure that your family is back together as soon as possible. There’s no need to waste any more time in a cell with the team at Bad Boys Bail Bonds at your side. Get your bail bonds from us for a fraction of your total bail amount and go home today!

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