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Bail Someone Out of Jail Online

A few providers in California and New York are trying to make the process easier by allowing you to go through an online form to process a bail bond. Still, there will likely be some interaction with the bondsman that can’t be handled online even then. For example, Bad Boys Bail Bonds allows you to […]

Why Hire A Bail Bonds Company?

Don’t Waste Your Money On Loans – Call A Bail Bonds Company! Let’s be honest; most of us don’t have an extra couple of $100,000 just lying around, waiting to pay for bail. That’s why if we find ourselves in custody, we panic as soon as the court sets bail. Some people may even make […]

Should You Use A Bail Bond Company?

If you or a loved one faces charges and the possibility of spending time in jail, one of the first questions that may come to mind is whether to use a bail bond company. While it is ultimately a personal decision, there are a few things to consider before making a final choice. At Bad […]

Keep Your Attorney Close, But Keep Your Bail Agent Closer

Exercise your Constitutional Rights. Most of us are probably familiar with the adage: “Keep your attorney close, but keep your bail agent closer.” Of course, no one ever plans on using a bail bond agent, but keep your bail agent close. Bad Boys Bail Bonds will surely aid and fulfill your RIGHT TO BAIL. It […]

What To Do While Out On Bail

Being released on bail allows you to attend to your fiscal responsibilities up to your trial and can help you avoid losing employment or housing from jail. You are not home-free once you post bail, though, and if you don’t follow the rules laid out by the court, you could forfeit the collateral backing your […]