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The Federal Bail Bond System – An Explanation

The federal bail bond system isn’t as simple as the state system and can be much more confusing. We’re here to make sure that you understand every step of the process and we’ll help you through. In state-related cases, bailing someone out is as simple as having a local bail agent head down to the […]

California Bail Reform Bill on Hold Until 2020 Referendum

According to The Los Angeles Times: After the passing of Senate Bill 10 in California by ex-Governor Jerry Brown last year, the state prepared for an overhaul of the cash bail system. However, the bail industry, armed with over 400,000 signatures, passed a referendum forcing the bill to be put on hold until after November […]

Granting Bail Helps Reduce Recidivism

When courts look for ways to decrease the flight risk of a defendant, they turn to bail agencies. Besides granting them freedom, bail agencies monitor their clients and see that they attend support programs such as employment, educational opportunities, counseling, and drug rehabilitation. All of which serves the purpose of breaking the cycle of recidivism. […]

Get Out of Jail: Bad Boys Can Be Successful Too

Did you know that Bad Boys can be successful too?  Even if you’re a Bad Boy you can learn Principle-Centered Leadership.  Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey is an intelligent book that shows and teaches you the lifestyles of people who are successful in everyday life. This book shows eight different ways to be a […]

How to Pick the Right Lawyer

Here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we understand that it can be quite difficult to find a lawyer that specializes in the area of law you need. The field of law is so vast that lawyers must specialize in a particular practice area. While all lawyers must have a competent understanding of a wide range […]