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Why Hire A Bail Bonds Company?

Don’t Waste Your Money On Loans, Call A Bail Bonds Company! Let’s be honest; most of us don’t have an extra couple of $100,000 just lying around, waiting to pay for bail. That’s why if we find ourselves in custody, we tend to panic as soon as the court sets bail. Some people may even […]

Know Your Rights, Why? Jail Sucks

Know your rights. Why? Because jail sucks. A lot. The U.S. Constitution and Mama say: No laws shall be made that prohibits favors or opposes anyone’s religious choices. No agency can arrest a person for saying what they think. The media, in all manners, has the right to present news and opinions. Anyone or any […]

Get Out of Jail: Bad Boys Can Be Successful Too

Did you know that Bad Boys can be successful too?  Even if you’re a Bad Boy, you can learn Principle-Centered Leadership.  Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey is an intelligent book that shows and teaches you the lifestyles of successful people in everyday life. This book shows eight different ways to be a more successful […]

Should You Hire a Bail Bondsman or Pay Your Own Bail?

Should you pay your bail or hire our professional bondsmen? Contact Bad Boys Bail Bonds to learn more Today! Getting into trouble with the law is never a fun experience. Even if it is all just a misunderstanding, jail can be quite detrimental to your life. Therefore, getting out of jail and back to your […]

What Is Skipping Bail?

Skipping bail is when a person posts bail but then fails to appear at their assigned court date. Typically, people skip bail to avoid prosecution or sentencing proceedings. You could even argue that skipping bail defeats the entire purpose of the bail system. When a person jumps (skips) bail, they forfeit their bond and subsequently […]