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Can You Bail Someone Out from Another State?

Having close friends or loved ones living in different states can be stressful. You might feel like you have less ability to help them if something goes wrong, and this is especially true if your friend or loved one ends up in jail. Finding a way to bail someone out from another state can be […]

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Makes Bail Affordable

In an article from Cal Coast, San Luis Obispo bail bonds companies claim they saw a dip in revenue. According to those companies, they saw a decline in revenue simply because, for most people, affordable bail is out of reach. In other words, people cannot afford to post bail for family, friends, or loved […]

Bail is Still Alive

In 2018, our legislature approved, and Governor Brown signed into law SB-10 (Senate Bill 10). This bill essentially replaces cash bail, property bail, pre-trial release, and surety bail with a county-based system. The new system will rely on probation departments to provide pretrial services. It will also use risk-assessment tools to gauge whether a person […]

Keep Your Attorney Close, But Keep Your Bail Agent Closer

Exercise your Constitutional Rights. Most of us are probably familiar with the following adage: “Keep your attorney close, but keep your bail agent closer.” No one ever plans on using a bail bondsman but be sure to keep your bail agent close.  Bad Boys Bail Bonds will be sure to aid and abet fulfillment of your RIGHT TO BAIL.  […]

Should I Hire a Bail Bondsman or Pay My Own Bail?

Getting into trouble with the law is never a fun experience. Even if it is all just a misunderstanding, jail can be quite detrimental to your life. Therefore, getting out of jail and back to your regular life becomes a top priority. But that begs the question: how? For some, getting out as fast as […]