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Take a look at all of our positive bail bonds Google reviews and see why Bad Boys Bail Bonds is the top choice for your bail bond services. The Bad Boys Bail Bonds bondsmen and other faculty have received an average 5 star rating on our google reviews from our clients. When it comes to bail bonds, inmate location and warrant checks, we are the go-to team of professionals. If you have found yourself wondering whether our services is worth it, then check out our bail bonds Google reviews!

5-Star Rated Bail Bonds Google Reviews

California residents know Bad Boys Bail Bonds is the name to trust when you need a loved one out of jail fast. Searching for Bail Bonds Google reviews will provide a wealth of first-hand 5-star testimonials from clients who have worked with Bad Boys.

Best Rated Bail Bond Reviews on Google

With immediate service, and a complete knowledge of the local facilities, we stand out above the competition! Our bail hotline can be reached 24/7/365 at 1-800-BAIL-OUT (1-800-224-5688). If you are in need of a bail bondman, give us a call today and experience yourself how we treat our clients like family.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Google Reviews

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Marley H.
Five Star Review5/5 January 10, 2023
Was recently arrested and had to use Bad Boys Bail Bonds to get me out of jail. They were the only ones who got me out the next morning and I was able to make it home to see my family! Thanks so much for your help!
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Ben G.
Five Star Review5/5 May 16, 2023
Scott went above and beyond to help me bail out a loved one. He made sure it was a quick and easy process for me, and I was in and out of the office within 10 min. Highly recommend! I will definitely be referring anyone who is need of a bail company and specifically to ask for Scott. Excellent customer service!
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Miller L.
Five Star Review5/5 January 17, 2023
Had the best experience with Bad Boys Bail Bonds. They are cash only bail bonds and general bail bonds. I am someone on-the-go and needed a quick service to get out of getting arrested, but I didn’t want to break my bank account. They were able to provide me with a cash option for an affordable price!
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Sy H.
Five Star Review5/5 June 15, 2023
I was in Cancun Mexico when I heard that my son had a misunderstanding. He needed a lawyer and a bondsman. We were very lucky to reach Bad Boys bail bonds in Los Angeles. Henry did an outstanding job. He outlined the steps and followed through with the process.
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Bond V.
Five Star Review5/5 March 9, 2023
Had a close friend like family run into a problem that was a total mix up and had to find a way to get them out and Thank God for Bad Boys bail bond. When every other bail bonds said a high price and acted like they could not work with me. Bad boys did everything to help get my friend out of jail and now things are good and square away and mistake has been fixed. If you ever run into trouble hit them up for sure and ask for Johnny. He can help you out. Really Good guy
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Aryan A.
Five Star Review5/5 January 25, 2023
I was arrested and detained in jail. The bail bonds company was able to help me quickly with their cash only bail bond service. I received a call from them right when they opened the day after I was detained, reached out to them, and they were able to take care of my case quickly…they even came pick me up a few hours later.
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Harris G.
Five Star Review5/5 January 2, 2023
I was recently in a very difficult situation and needed to post bail quickly. I called Bad Boys Bail Bonds and they were able to help me post bail within 30 minutes. They also showed up 10 minutes early, which I appreciated. The people there were very helpful and friendly, which made the whole process a lot easier for me.
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Guilio H.
Five Star Review5/5 February 18, 2023
If you are in need of a bail bond service, then I highly recommend contacting Bad Boys Bail Bonds. Michael and Steve were there for me when I needed them the most and have helped so many others!
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Ashton C.
Five Star Review5/5 May 10, 2023
You need to go with a bail bond service you can trust. One of my friends chose Bad Boys Bail Bonds and they ended up saving him in his time of need. I have never seen a team work so diligently and diligently to get one of their clients out on bail. The prices are right, the customer service is top notch, and the people who work there are all friendly and professional–no exceptions. I recommend them to anyone
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Emily D.
Five Star Review5/5 October 27, 2023
Super helpful, low payment, judgement free bail bonds. I came late at night and Oscar helped me out. He made this experience easy, and really worked with me to get my guy out of jail fast. If you’re looking for a great bail bonds place this is it. Very professional and really wanting to work with you. ( judgement free)
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George M.
Five Star Review5/5 June 8, 2023
Oscar and the Bad Boys Bonds Company are class acts. They are excellent communicators and I highly recommend.
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Michelle F.
Five Star Review5/5 May 7, 2023
These guys are awesome if you ever have any bad Boyz in your life that may require their services. They went above and beyond to help me with questions and ease my mind.
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Jennifer P.
Five Star Review5/5 February 4, 2023
Bad boys bail are the best! They helped me get my uncle out within hours. Oscar explained everything step-by-step and gave me the best price out there. Hopefully I don’t have to bail anyone anymore but if I do, I will totally go back to BAD BOYS BAIL BONDS.
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Codyds W.
Five Star Review5/5 February 7, 2023
This is a great company to work with, They are on top of all the bail bond requirements and keep you up to date throughout the process. They are a great agency that will always do their best to put your best interests at heart.
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Oliver R.
Five Star Review5/5 August 20, 2023
I was in desperate need of bail bonds yesterday. I didn’t know where to turn and this firm has been great so far. They are very helpful and professional and they don’t waste your time. I haven’t had a chance to speak with the other two staff members yet but my interaction with them has been great as well!
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Morris B.
Five Star Review5/5 March 18, 2023
I have had the pleasure of working with Bad Boys Bail Bonds for over a year now. They are sure to get you the bail that you need and they don’t discriminate on anything. The best part is they have the hassle free cash only bail bonds, so there’s no stress! I would recommend them to anyone, if you are ever in need of any kind of bail bond service.
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Brenda P.
Five Star Review5/5 September 15, 2023
Used to be unsure about getting a bail bond, but after working with the team from Bad Boys Bail Bonds, I’m a true believer! They were always courteous and professional and answered any questions that I had. What’s best is that they are cash only which is much more convenient than having to find my way around the store looking for a checkbook. Give them a call if you need to make arrangements for bail!
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Liam N.
Five Star Review5/5 July 10, 2023
I wish I could give Bad Boys Bail Bonds more than five stars. It’s been my experience that they are the best bail bonds in town. My husband is always getting into trouble for something and he always goes to them for help. I recommend them to anyone in need of a bail company simply because they have never let me down and will work with you on your budget.
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Cynthia M.
Five Star Review5/5 April 6, 2023
Wow! I don’t even know where to start. This was my first time using a bail bond agency so like many, I had many questions. Mike helped me through the entire journey (on 4th of July!). He answered my questions and was very patient with me. Lisett was amazing too and also helped me. They are super friendly, patient and they taught/guided me throughout the process as a first timer. I highly recommend!!! Don’t hesitate on calling them if need of a bail bond agent.
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Rhys R.
Five Star Review5/5 January 9, 2023
I couldn’t be happier with the service that Bad Boys Bail Bonds provided for me. They were able to get my loved one out of jail in record time and we didn’t even have to pay a dime! They really know what they’re doing and I would recommend them to anyone in need.