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Bail Bond Rates & Prices

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California laws states that a bail bond can be no more than 10% of the bail amount. But, here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we only charge 5% of the total cost of bail (after a 2% rebate)! We understand that Mama wants you home, so we’ve now made it twice as affordable to get out of jail fast! Contact us to learn more about our new 5% offer today!

If a judge sets bail at $25,000 for an inmate and he or she doesn’t have $25,000 they, or one of their friends or family members (co-signor), will need to pay a bail bondsman a non-refundable Premium of $1250 (after a 2% rebate) to post their bail. (*See below for payment options)

For qualified individuals we can offer a 20% to 30% savings on your Premium. This discount can result in substantial savings.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible for an 8% bail bond rate

  • Union Members
  • County, State and Federal Employees
  • Home Owners
  • Military

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Premium Rates

Lowest Legally Filed PREMIUM RATE of 7% for ATTORNEY CLIENT REFERRALS – Bond Amount Must be Paid in Full PREMIUM RATE of 8% for: 0% FINANCING, NEGOTIABLE DOWN and AFFORDABLE MONTHLY PAYMENTS. *restrictions may apply.

Bail in the state of California is regulated by the Department of Insurance.

*Bad Boys Bail Bonds offers many payment arrangements and financial options to our clients. We work with EVERYONE, we are flexible and will accommodate your specific bail needs.