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The Lakewood Inmate Locator at Bad Boys Bail Bonds helps the jail and Police Department keep custody of individuals arrested in the Lakewood city area. Typically, before three days of arrest passes, inmates have the option of being taken to court or being released on their recognizance (O.R release). Alternatively, they can obtain their release after posting bail. The physical address of the jail location in Lakewood is Lakewood City Jail, 400 West Broadway Lakewood, CA 90802. To know where an incarcerated individual is, they turn to the Lakewood inmate locator.

How To Use Lakewood Inmate Search

When inquiring online about the Lakewood inmate search, you will be requested first to select the inmate location or county of arrest. The Lakewood inmate search will then prompt you for information regarding your last name, first name, the middle name, and your date of birth.

Inquiring About Inmates Using Lakewood Inmate Information

The Lakewood inmate information search is usually available for searching arrests that have taken place at least 24 hours after the arresting incident. All the staff at the Los Angeles County police and jail departments utilize the Lakewood inmate information search.

Visiting An Inmate In A Lakewood Jail Location

When attending an inmate at the Lakewood jail location, your personal information issued to the officer is checked to verify if you have any outstanding warrants. The tool accomplishes this by scanning your information against the criminal record database. However, the jail visitations are subject to reconsiderations or cancellation by the jail commander. Collected inmate properties such as money, or properties are usually stored in the safe custody of the authorities unless otherwise directed by the inmate at certain Lakewood jail locations.

An Inmate Search In Lakewood

During visitations, before the deputy releases information on the requested Inmate search in Lakewood, you must provide the inmate’s complete legal name and their issued booking number. The inmate attorney or members of the clergy are allowed access to the inmate 24 hours a day on all weekdays. As such, they have access to the inmate information; concerning the inmate’s arrest and the ramifications. They can get this information through official inquiries or inmate inquisitions through an inmate search in Lakewood.

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