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Bad Boys Bail Bonds offers bail rates at 5% of the total bond amount*! Contact our bail agents today to learn more!

*After a 2% rebate for qualified individuals.
The El Monte bail bonds professionals here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds know the significance of posting bail when it comes to helping out friends and family. Posting bail has many benefits beyond just being able to get out of jail. While incarcerated, the ability to move on with your life can be impacted in numerous negative ways. Our El Monte bail bonds company services can aid in helping someone who otherwise cannot secure freedom do so.

Bail Bonds in El Monte are Always Affordable

Bail in El Monte does allow someone with a limited amount of funds to be able to gain freedom from jail. When set high, bail makes getting out of jail difficult, if not outright impossible. Someone who does not have $10,000 to secure freedom from jail is going to look towards an El Monte bail bondsman for a solution.

Knowledgeable El Monte Bail Company

With an El Monte bail company, all you have to do is pay 10% of your bail to secure release. So, you would give the El Monte bail bondsman $1,000, and the bail bondsman in El Monte then puts up the remaining $9,000. $10,000. Once you show up in court for trial, the $10,000 is refunded to the El Monte bail bonds company or bail bondsman in Concord, which then keeps the $1,000 you paid. What occurs when someone does not have the money to be able to pay the 10% down payment on the loan? Options still exist for the person who is in a distressed situation.

Understanding Collateral for Bail in El Monte

There may be instances in which we require collateral to post your bail. A house or a car would be two of the more common forms of insurance that are requested. Those who “skip bail” would then lose the title to their vehicle or house. Even if the person does have the 10%, collateral may still be required for bail in El Monte. Bad Boys Bail Bonds has years of experience helping incarcerated individuals return to their home.

Friendly El Monte Bondsman

No one should consider meeting with a bail bondsman in El Monte to be a daunting task. The truth is the bail bondsman is there to help. Granted, a bail bonds service is also a business, which means it has to consider specific business issues before awarding any funds. The bonds service does have to make a profit on its endeavors and cannot be at risk of losing any money it puts up. This is why our El Monte bail bonds company may ask for collateral.