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A Pomona warrant check is an excellent idea if you want to give yourself peace of mind about something that may be outstanding. It’s smart to perform regular Pomona warrant check activities so that you can be clear and feel confident about doing your everyday activities. If you find out that you have a Pomona arrest warrant or bench warrant, you can handle the issue by contacting Bad Boys Bail Bonds and requesting their helping hand. Bad Boys is conveniently located at 478 7th Street Oakland, CA, 94607. The number to call to request help is 1-800-BAIL-OUT. Bad Boys Bail Bonds has helped many people in the community, and it will delight them to assist you or your loved one.

About Warrants in Pomona CA

A warrant is a document that gives provides law enforcement agencies with the legal right to arrest you without question. A judge has to approve a warrant. A warrant may be issued for a variety of reasons, but it’s binding once it has been issued.

There are 2 main varieties of warrants in Pomona CA; arrest warrants and bench warrants. Arrest warrants are most often issued for criminal offenses whereas bench warrants are most often issued for courtroom offenses and similar issues.

Why You Might Have Warrants

Crime or suspicion of a crime is the most common reason that judges sign warrants. You could have a warrant on you for a non-criminal issue too, however. Alimony default is one reason you may have a warrant. Failure to report to a probation officer is another. They call the type of warrant that the judge would issue you for a situation like that a bench warrant.

How to Resolve Warrants in Pomona CA

You will have to do something to resolve your warrant situation once you find out that you have one. You’ll probably have quite a few options available to you for resolving bench warrants, but arrest warrants will be more difficult to resolve without allowing the police to take you into custody. You can find more information about police custody or locate an inmate on the Los Angeles Sherriff Department’s site.

How to Check for Active Warrants in Pomona

You could use a few methods to check for active warrants in Pomona. Some people wonder can you check warrants online in Pomona. The answer to “Can you check warrants online in Pomona CA?” is yes. You could visit the municipality where you think you have the warrant. You could also use only resources to check and see if you have a warrant. The problem with that is that the third party may charge you a lot of money, or the information might be inaccurate.

Contact Bad Boys for Pomona Warrant Check

It’s best to use Pomona bench warrant check resources that can provide you with multiple services, including a Pomona warrant check. Bad Boys Bail Bonds can take care of all your needs so that you never have to stress yourself. First, you can seek help with your Pomona bench warrant check. One of the agents can check the database there to see if there is any information about an existing bench warrant or an arrest warrant for you. If so, you can rely on Bad Boys Bail Bonds to help you with the bail you need to keep you on the street for our family and your job. Give yourself an advantage by going to the same company for everything.Check out our FAQ as well if you have questions about the bail bonds process.