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Here you will find our client testimonials. The Bad Boys Bail Bonds bondsmen and other faculty have received a 5 star rating from the majority of our clients. When it comes to bail bonds, inmate location and warrant checks, we/re the go-to team of professionals. If you have found yourself wondering whether service from us is worth it, then check out our stellar customer reviews below!

Rated 5 stars

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Samantha Gavin
Five Star Review5/5 April 5th, 2017
Jason is wonder at patience. Keeping up on responding and checking in to see and explain.
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Charity Hansen
Five Star Review5/5 March 27th, 2017
Staff were very helpful and teh process was very easy and smooth. Thank you.
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Elvira Rodriguez
Five Star Review5/5 March 6th, 2017
Excellent service I am truly grateful to Bad Boys Bail Bonds and Yolanda Hernandez. Thanks.
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Jordan Zehm
Five Star Review5/5 February 16th, 2017
Honestly the absolute best customer service and bail bond agency out there, recommending to everyone!
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Amy Jovel
Five Star Review5/5 February 14th, 2017
Coming here was the best choice, service was on point, fast and reliable, friendly service, would recommend Bad Boy Bail Bond to everyone.
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Lynne M. Moore
Five Star Review5/5 February 9th, 2017
I had a great experience at Bad Boys Bail Bonds. Walked in feeling hopeless and Al lifted my spirits by telling me he could help me and I’m so thankful and forever grateful for his great service. Thanks.
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Miguel Benitez
Five Star Review5/5 February 8th, 2017
Perfect and easy to understand. Made this stressful time easier. Needs own office. That good.
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Camille Murray Carter
Five Star Review5/5 January 26th, 2017
Excellent service, fast and efficient. Al is the BEST! Great attitude and works with you!
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Benjamin Garcia
Five Star Review5/5 January 25th, 2017
Al was very helpful and answered every question I had. The Best In Town!!!
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Sally Tazna
Five Star Review5/5 January 25th, 2017
Yolanda was very helpful and coming the process was quick — great service, Thank You.
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Joshua Portillo
Five Star Review5/5 January 24th, 2017
The short time I was on the phone, Blane and the owner went above and beyond with working with me. I am forever grateful. Thank you.
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Dana Victory
Five Star Review5/5 January 16th, 2017
The Best. So nice and kind to me. I’m glad I came back to Bad Boys Bail Bonds.
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Stephen Daily
Five Star Review5/5 January 16th, 2017
Friendly, professional, fast. Tony was very courteous, pleasant as well as informative.
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Andrean Graham
Five Star Review5/5 January 14th, 2017
First time using bail bonds. Brandi made the experience easy and made everything understandable.
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Megan Lago
Five Star Review5/5 January 9th, 2017
Great, considering the circumstances. The woman i spoke with was very informative and helpful. She even communicated to my mom for me. Thank You.
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Oscar Castillo
Five Star Review5/5 January 1st, 2017
The people at Bad Boy were awesome! They were on time with their help and I appreciate that! Great Service!
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Jessica Gonzalez
Five Star Review5/5 December 23rd, 2016
Terry gives outstanding service and helpful. Makes this hard process very smooth. Jumps through hoops to help you the best hands down thank you.
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Bernadet Elieh
Five Star Review5/5 December 22nd, 2016
I have used different bail bonds before. Honestly nothing like Bad Boys. Very friendly, helpful, understanding and nice.Thank You.
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Pamela LaBonte
Five Star Review5/5 December 14th, 2016
Linette is very professional and friendly. She’s a keeper. It was painless as possible for bailing someone out of jail.
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Anna Serrano
Five Star Review5/5 December 14th, 2016
Helped me better than other bail bonds. Answered my questions and very informative and friendly.
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Kevin S.
Five Star Review5/5 June 29th, 2016
My service was above and beyond anything I could of asked for, understanding and patient. Thank you
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Paris G.
Five Star Review5/5 June 13th, 2016
Friendly, easy to talk with and most of all did not make me feel less than for wanting to help my son.
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Melissa G.
Five Star Review5/5 June 13th, 2016
Once I arrived to Bad Boys Bail Bonds, I was immediately greeted. Carlos helped and explained the entire bail bonds process to me. Thank you for great services!
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Regina P.
Five Star Review5/5 June 11th, 2016
Daniel Moran was very humble, proffesional and clear with his words, and patient. Good job. Thank you.
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Arlina W.
Five Star Review5/5 June 2nd, 2016
Melanie was GREAT!! I called, obtained from on-line, she handled it quickly, PROFESSIONALLY, and well informed + knowledgeable. Thank You!!!
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Lorena V.P.
Five Star Review5/5 May 27th, 2016
It was awesome! 🙂 I will come back to you guys for any bail, you guys are awesome 🙂 Thank you guys for all.
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Dinisha J.
Five Star Review5/5 May 26th, 2016
It was a pleasure to work with you, your staff is great and I appreciate the help you’ve given me. Special shout out to Lorena & Rob they are awesome.
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Tyler C.
Five Star Review5/5 May 21st, 2016
Francisco was very polite, he answered all my questions. Had very good customer serice; Very awesome guy.
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Earl M.
Five Star Review5/5 May 20th, 2016
It was great over the phone last night, and coming in was amazing. I was greeted properly, recieving help right away, Jeannie is awesome.
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Michael G.
Five Star Review5/5 May 1st, 2016
Cheyenne was so helpful, very informative, knew her job very well. She made our day. I would use her again, thanks so much.
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Monique. V
Five Star Review5/5 March 20th, 2016
Cheyenne & Andrea were able to provide me with excellent service. Made the process very easy and painless. Will come back if I need to.
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Minda G.
Five Star Review5/5 March 2nd, 2016
Amazing from start to finish. More helpful than I could’ve wished for. Henry & Rebecca are 5 star employees.
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Frances T.
Five Star Review5/5 March 1st, 2016
Yvonne was exceedingly helpful, on the phone and in person. I am disabled and was treated with kindness and thoughtfulness.
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Rosalia M.
Five Star Review5/5 February 19th, 2016
Francisco provided me with fast, above expectation, friendly, professional service. He made the process not only easy but extremely speedy. I would most definitely, without a doubt recommend Bad Boys to anyone if need be. Thank you to Francisco and the Bad Boy team for such great service.
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Anthony N.
Five Star Review5/5 February 17th, 2016
I’m satisfied with the swift help on getting my brother in law out. Above all the play by play updates of his departure to Stanislaus County from Yreka and his arrival to the Down Town Men facility so we could set bail. Thanks Bad Boys and all involved
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Rebecca W.
Five Star Review5/5 November 14th, 2015
First off I want to say thank you for helping me. Bad boys bail bonds are the most professional, kind hearted, hard working people I have had the pleasure of working with. Al, Richard, Brandi I can’t express how grateful I am for you guys. Thank you
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Michelle A.
Five Star Review5/5 November 12th, 2015
Good people they helped in our time of need. Handled all the phone calls and paperwork and he was out in no time. Hopefully we don’t need a bails bonds again anytime soon but if we do. Bad Boys is top of the list!!!
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Christine W.
Five Star Review5/5 November 12th, 2015
Fabian, Lucie & Gus were the absolute best during a very stressful time. They were very quick in getting my friend released and able to be understanding & caring to work with me and my financial situation. Thank you Bad Boys Bail Bonds for your superb service. You are the Best!!
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Betty K.
Five Star Review5/5 November 10th, 2015
Getting arrested is a tough experience to go through. My family didn’t have enough money to bail me out so I decided to use Bad Boys. Families need bail bondsmen that actually have their backs when they can’t afford bail themselves. There are so many sneaky companies out there that will take your money but provide you with terrible service. I’m always afraid of signing a contract that end up making you owe more money than originally agreed upon. Thankfully, this was not the case with this bail company. With Bad Boys Bail Bonds I have received nothing but the best service around and discreet privacy that you need when going through a trying time. I have nothing but the best things to say about this company. From my experience, I can say that their bail agents are timely, polite, and very knowledgeable about the entire legal process. Easily the best bail company I’ve ever used. I highly recommend any individual faced with this type of experience to do their own googling first. They will see that I am not the first person and far from the only one to have been helped out of such a dire time.
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Gemma B.
Five Star Review5/5 November 6th, 2015
I’ve dealt with a couple bail bonds companies in the past (my step father has been in and out of jail more than a few times in his recent years), but my experiences with them have always been a bit of a hit or miss. What I like about Bad Boys is that they are super easy to work with and most importantly consistent. Every bit of information they provided to me was transparent and straight forward, from the bail amount to the release time. Nothing was exaggerated or swept under the rug, there were no hidden charges for x or y, and direct communication was always available through multiple mediums. They’re also a wide spread business that covers almost all if not all of California, so you should be able to obtain their services just about anywhere. I was able to help my step father out here in San Jose (he lives near Santa Ana) without any problems. If you want to make your life a bit easier then I encourage you to try them out, they’ve definitely helped my family and I out quite a bit.
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Gina C.
Five Star Review5/5 November 3rd, 2015
Ismael was very torough, and explained everything very well. He was courteous and understanding. Outstanding work, he needs a raise. Yolanda is very personable as well – we had a good experience. Thank you!
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Yesenia A.
Five Star Review5/5 October 26th, 2015
Best service I had in a long time. Work with people the best. The are very forth with their decisions and don’t BS with anything.
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Carlos S.
Five Star Review5/5 September 22nd, 2015
My friend went to jail early that morning and we where new at bailing someone out, the people at bad boy bail bonds really came through. By 230 pm he was out. I highly recommend them.
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Winnie J.
Five Star Review5/5 September 6th, 2015
My friend was locked up and I had to go in and take care of everything in a matter of 20 minutes because I have to be at work. They got everything take care of and I was out of there in no time. Henry gave me all the necessary information over the phone so I was very prepared when I went into the office. Becca posted the bail and helped me fly thorough my paperwork and got everything situated. Rene was also helpful. Best place ever
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Darlene G.
Five Star Review5/5 August 14th, 2015
I recommend bad boys the agent here was very helpful how can we assist in the process. I have used them in the past and I recommend them
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Desiree C.
Five Star Review5/5 August 13th, 2015
The night shift at bad boys are the best : they are professional, courteous , friendly easy to talk to and overall I’m very please and I will continue. To recommend them to others who need help when no one else understands. Once again. Big Thanks To Al and the everyone in the night shift
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Blanca V.
Five Star Review5/5 August 4th, 2015
We were recommended to this bail bond, and the service was amazing. The agent helping us was very nice and he helped us out through the process, also explained everything thoroughly. They help you with what you have. I definitely recommend this place. &’you know what’s good about it too. They’re 24 hours!
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Tracy M.
Five Star Review5/5 July 29th, 2015
I highly recommend Bad Boys. They made the process easy and affordable. Everyone at the office was friendly and helpful. If I ever need to bail someone out again I will definitely use them again!
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Justine G.
Five Star Review5/5 July 22nd, 2015
Great service! Very helpful! Awesome! They made a very bad situation into a better one! Wouldn’t have went anywhere else! They are so helpful through every step of the way! Milo is the best person to help you!
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Diana V.
Five Star Review5/5 July 20th, 2015
Shawn, Matthew & the entire team were extremely prompt and helpful to us. I would definitely recommend anyone who is in need of bails bonds services to Bad Boys. You can’t get any more professional than this! Thank you guys.
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Joshua R.
Five Star Review5/5 July 8th, 2015
They have great customer service! They make a really bad situation a lot better. Thank you to Rebecca who saved two clueless people!
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Nancy R.
Five Star Review5/5 June 24th, 2015
As I’m writing this review I am currently at the Bad Boys Bail Bonds office with Henry Banegas my bail agent. From the moment I walked in Henry was very kind and helpful! I must stress on that because we did the paperwork right away and they worked with my income! I’m very happy I came to Bad Boys Bail Bonds because they tried really hard to get my fiancé released from court since we literally rushed from court over here and I am very grateful. I definitely recommend this bail bonds because I called so many places and read many reviews. If you need to bail out a loved one come talk to Henry 🙂
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Evan F.
Five Star Review5/5 May 27th, 2015
I’m an attorney and have counted on Bad Boys many times in the past to post bonds and get my clients out of custody. They have never let me down. I could wait (literally) hours for other bail bond companies to show up, but I know when I call Bad Boys their response can be measured in minutes. Eric Barter is especially helpful and genuinely concerned about making sure the process of posting bail is quick, painless and respectful. I appreciate their service very much.
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Katy M T.
Five Star Review5/5 May 11th, 2015
They were amazing. And Yolanda helped us out so much with everything. I appreciate and would come back to them if I needed to again.
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Kate P.
Five Star Review5/5 April 15th, 2015
My brother was arrested a few weeks ago and called us to see if we’d be willing to help after several days of trying to get a hold of a company that would let him bail himself out (young, thin credit, not much money up front). He’s a really great kid normally, and we didn’t want him sitting in jail over a stupid mistake for however long it would take for him to get sentenced; for his sake but also for my mother’s peace of mind. His bail was really high though, ($45,000) and we didn’t have the means or desire to tie up our money for the duration of his case. We have two young kids that are our financial priority. I called a major bail company that popped up first on Google. For whatever reason, the employee that picked up was extremely short with me. He put me on hold to look up my bother’s bail, even though I already knew the amount, and had me on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. I don’t know if that was an isolated incident but I obviously didn’t call them back. My husband’s best friend had recently bailed with Bad Boy’s Bail Bonds in the LA location and had a good experience so we decided to give them a call next at their Santa Ana office–we live in Orange–near where my brother was being held. Spoke to a guy named Nick initially. He was really helpful and friendly, which I appreciated since I wasn’t in the best mood and could have probably been nicer myself. He was able to give us a manageable amount to come in with as a down payment to get my brother out immediately and once-monthly payments my brother could make on his own until it was paid off completely. This was really important for us because we wanted to help but weren’t comfortable putting a huge sum of our own money into it. He’s MY brother and I’m currently a stay at home mom so I felt bad asking my husband to contribute our fix amount of luxury money to my family’s issue. We went into the office when my husband got out of work and the kids were asleep; we didn’t want them to know that their uncle was arrested, obviously. My friend came a stayed with them to help us out. They are open all night so that worked out great for us. We didn’t get there until well after normal office hours. The part of Santa Ana where the jail and all the bail places are isn’t the greatest but Bad Boy’s is directly next to the jail and felt very safe, even late at night. The office it’s self is small but very clean and nicely decorated, plenty of seating etc. By the time we came in the original guy had left for the day so we did all our paper work with Collin. He was a young guy, friendly and professional, well dressed. Best part is that he had us in and out very quickly after a pretty painless application. My bother was out just a few hours after it was all said and done. His cell phone was dead by the time it was returned to him, which we didn’t know at the time. He ended up being able to walk right down the street to the bail office and had them call us too pick him up. That really meant a lot to us because I didn’t want him wondering around at night in that area by himself. He checked in with them and filled out his portion of the paper work while my husband was on his way to go get him. Overall a really clean and pleasant experience for a service I was generally apprehensive about using. We are not the type that have a lot of experience with the criminal justice system aside from a rare speeding ticket so I was really, really glad to work with a company that knows how to treat people with dignity, professionalism and respect. Wanted to write in with my thanks and sincere recommendation.
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FrAnzelle M.
Five Star Review5/5 December 21st, 2014
Bad boys bail bond really made my horrible situation a lot easier! Daniel quickly came to bail me out and was very friendly and easy to talk to. Got into a little misunderstanding and got my self locked up, and almost missed my little girls birthday party. But bad boys made sure I still ended up making it! 🙂 I don’t ever plan on getting myself into this predicament ever again, but if ever I do. I’ll know exactly who to call! Bad boys bail bonds, highly recommended
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Susie M.
Five Star Review5/5 October 30th, 2014
Ablan español! Daniel took care of us, he was very friendly and answered every question we had.. We were calling about every 3 hours to see how the process was going, he never got annoyed and was akways helpful!
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L K.
Five Star Review5/5 July 5th, 2014
These guys are awesome! Helped us out when no one else would because I am paid on direct deposit, and it being the 4th of july I couldn’t go to my bank to get a copy of my statement. Sent someone to the jail to post bail before I was even started with the paperwork! (Obviously they called to confirm before posting, don’t get any ideas!) Adam was super helpful and extremely friendly when we were having such a bad day. Even gave us a sweet lanyard! If anything like this ever happens to us or our friends, I know who I will be recommending! Thank you guys so much for everything!
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D P.
Five Star Review5/5 June 22nd, 2014
These guys are amazing! Richard and Al helped so much. I was stuck in a crappy situation and they were willing to do everything they could. I sat there for hours (because of the county jail not them) and they provided drinks and made us feel comfortable. In the end we saved a lot of money because they are amazing! I talked to another bail bonds man and they couldn’t offer what these guys did. Thank you so much Al and Richard for freeing my man!
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Jeff W.
Five Star Review5/5 April 18th, 2014
Bad Boys is who I use for bail, exclusively. They are prompt, courteous and bottom line – they get folks out of jail.
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Eddie G.
Five Star Review5/5 April 6th, 2014
Props to this place not bail expert but my freind got arrested we called another bail agent Vu bail bonds the most crooked bail agents in the city our mistake.We left Vu came to Bad Boys the pros of this bail stuff in my mind.They took care of us easy pain free love you guys keep up the great work.Stay away from Vu’s they will (screw yu!)
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J H.
Five Star Review5/5 March 25th, 2014
Shout out to Henry and Rebecca in the Los Angeles office. Totally professional and efficient. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat!
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christy f.
Five Star Review5/5 January 31st, 2014
I have never had to bail anyone out before and all I can say is this place makes everything seamless and quick!! Even if your loved one has a high bail amount believe meYOU CAN GET THEM OUT WITH BAD BOYS!! Maritza and Al are very knowledgeable and caring, which I really appreciated!! I am not happy I had to post anyones bail, but I am happy as hell I found this place!!! You won’t regret it!! Plus its right across the street from MCJ and Twin Towers!!!
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Mindee N.
Five Star Review5/5 January 27th, 2014
Shout out to Tony, Tiffany and Sue!!!! You guys are true professionals. My deepest gratitude for your integrity and compassion. Bad Boys is the place to go…..hands down. Thanks you guys !
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Lisa W.
Five Star Review5/5 May 8th, 2013
The people here are super helpful! I called Alyssa one time to bail one of my clients out. Within seconds of hanging up with her, she was making jail phone calls to locate my client. They are so prompt! Turns out the police spelled his name wrong. I have no idea how Bad Boys did it, but they found him, gave him a great rate, and got him home in time for the holidays. I definitely trust them and would send my clients here if they ever had a need for bail bonds.
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Nyna H.
Five Star Review5/5 April 8th, 2013
At first when I saw Boy Boys Bail Bonds on Yelp I thought their name sounded super sketchy and decided not to call. But I called anyways and I’m so glad that I did. Steve worked with me and made the process as smooth as possible. He took my budget into consideration and set up an affordable monthly payment plan for me. He was very understanding and helpful. They were able to get my brother out the next day! It was fast, efficient with no hidden fees or gimmicks. Just good people who know exactly what they’re doing.
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Too B.
Five Star Review5/5 October 25th, 2012
Tee, at front desk was very helpful in locating my mechanic who’s real name i didnt know. Now i got to gather this money up so we can do business. Thanks for your friendly atmosphere..
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Jay V.
Five Star Review5/5 July 12th, 2012
Bad boys bail bonds is the most professional BailBonds ive ever been too, a Maritza that worked there was very helpful in providing me with such outstanding service, because of her i reffer any and all who seek Bail services to Miss Maritza Santana of Bad Boys Bail Bonds.
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Rand A.
Five Star Review5/5 June 25th, 2012
These bad boys made a bad situation a whole lot better. I’ve never had to bail anyone out before and hope I don’t have to again. They made bailing a good friend out of a bad situation so easy. Thank you!
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Safia D.
Five Star Review5/5 June 23rd, 2012
The good boys and girls (men and women) at Bad Boys took good care of my boyfriend the night he got locked up. I had to rescue him, but didn’t have the available funds to cover the large bail amount they wanted for his release. I called around and was hit up by what felt like desperate sales people, one very unprofessional person at a company that advertises a lot, and then I dialed Bad Boys. They told me how the fee structure worked, how we’d get him out and when, and worked with me in terms of affordable payments. The guy even came to me that night to get my signatures and payment. We had my boyfriend back home where he belonged in short order. Since then, whenever we’ve stopped in to drop a payment, the people there have always been super sweet. I would, and have, tell others to go to Bad Boys if they need to be bailed out of jail. Oh, and also, the attorney we ended up working with says he would have sent us here too, because they are the best!
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Ana V.
Five Star Review5/5 June 23rd, 2012
My girlfriend and I got pulled over last night leaving the Gaslamp. I was like, “OMG! It’s the rapist cops pulling us over!” Luckily, we weren’t drinking and driving, I was only drinking and passengering. LOL. Anyhow, my co-worker who was with us got ID’ed, and what do you know? Smart ass has a warrant out for his arrest! Anyhow, the non-criminals of the group, we pooled what was left of our party money and got him out. Do you think I’ll get that raise now? (I better!) We hit up a couple of bail bond places (they are all right next to each other) to try to see if we could negotiate a lower initial payment and we walked in to Bad Boys at 3:30 AM, and were out super quick, with just a little green down. We also got the cool t-shirts, some glow in the dark lanyards, and fodder for blackmail when review time on the job comes around next, ohhh yeah.
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James F.
Five Star Review5/5 June 18th, 2012
These people were fantastic! A younger relative of mine ended up in jail because of a very bad situation, basically being with the wrong people at the wrong time. When I heard what went down during the bust, guns drawn, all that, I was mad. I didn’t know what to do. I got the call, and of course, I was very upset. But Liz at Bad Boys was super understanding, helped me get him out fast. She worked with me and my financial situation. We ended up having enough money to hire a good attorney, to keep my nephew out of jail while preparing the defense, and in the end, the jury realized that the cops had rushed into the whole mess and that my nephew wasn’t guilty as charged, (although he wasn’t exactly an angel either). I think that this whole thing could’ve gone differently, like a lot worse, if I didn’t get the right guidance from the Bad Boys Bail Bond company in the beginning! So, as far as I am concerned, I will tell everyone I know that Bad Boys is the place to go! I did also meet some other people while I made some payments, and each time, the level of professionalism and courtesy was super! They gave both of us cool T-Shirts too, and we sport them in style. So ya, hit up the awesome people at Bad Boys.
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Luca M.
Five Star Review5/5 November 8th, 2011
This place is great n fast service they are really helpful great staff n not bad coffee will definitely recommend them to any of my friends or family also mariza was great Thx for excellent help 🙂
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Al S.
Five Star Review5/5 November 3rd, 2011
A buddy of mine, who is very professional and has never been in any sort of trouble before, got into a domestic dispute, went out drinking, drove while drunk, got into a car accident and next thing you know he was in the jail in downtown San Diego.He called me up and I had no clue how to bail him out. I didn’t have the money and I didn’t even know how it worked. So I found Bad Boys Bail Bonds in San Diego and called them up and they were able to bail him out fast. I didn’t even have to do anything. Hopefully you don’t have to bail anyone out but if you do, I recommend Bad Boys Bail Bonds in San Diego.
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Anthony P.
Five Star Review5/5 May 13th, 2011
BEYOND Excellent service and willing to help whenever and however they can!You’ve tried the rest….NOW TRY THE BEST!!”Because your MAMA wants you home!!”
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J A.
Five Star Review5/5 April 20th, 2011
Bad boys bail bonds have a variety of locations covering the state of california from san diego, los angeles, santa ana, san jose and oakland. They offer the best service and their famous keychains t-shirts and commercials are classics. If anyone ever gets into trouble with the law you know who to call Bad Boys Bail Bonds 1800-BAIL-OUT !!!
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J A.
Five Star Review5/5 April 20th, 2011
Best in california! They work with you no matter what the case is recommend to anyone whoever needs bail service!
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Mike b.
Five Star Review5/5 April 13th, 2011
Stoped to go see if my people was in jail and I got rushed by the bail bond people outside trying to help me I talked to a few companies there and they all were trying to get alot of money of me talked to this guy who was dressed nicey he worked for bad boys bail bonds his name wAs Chris he got us free info on the inmate and got us to his office were we did the paper work with the agent well it wAs great service and and they saved me money they are the best