Bad Boys Bail Bonds
  • BAIL  is the security posted by the accused to ensure that he will appear in court and answer to the accusation brought against him.  It is generally referred to as a bail bond.
  • BAIL can be posted in the form of cash or a bail bond.
  • BAIL AMOUNT: When a person is arrested for a crime, the jail or magistrate may impose a bail amount that must be paid before the person will be released from jail. The accused can pay the full amount themselves or they can pay a Bail Bond Agent the state regulated premium. 
  • BAIL RATES: The state regulated premium rate is 10%, 8% or 7%  * see rate page for explanation
  • Bad Boys Bail Bonds offers the lowest legally filed premium rate of 7% Attorney client referral, paid in full.   

Bad Boys Bail Bonds will then pay the jail the full bail amount in the form of a Bail Bond. The premium rate paid to the Bail Bond Agent is a non-refundable fee for the service of paying the bail amount on behalf of the accused. The court holds the bail amount, in either the cash or bond form, without interest, until the court case is complete, when it will be returned to the depositor, which can sometimes take months or even years. However, if the accused misses a required court date, the bail is forfeited and the court keeps the whole amount.  If you would like more Bail Bond Information or need bail, Bad Boys Bail Bonds can post a bail bond for you.



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