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Modesto Jail Information

Modesto jail information can be challenging to find, but Bad Boys Bail Bonds can assist you. Known as the Staninslaus County Jail, the facility is a large jail that houses inmates from the entire county. The Stanislaus County Sheriff operates this facility and allows visitors through the GTL online service as well as in person. Inmates may have the option to post bail while awaiting trial. For further information, contact the bail agents at Bad Boys Bail Bonds.

Jail Information In Modesto

Do you need more jail information in Modesto? See the following to call or contact the local jail:

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The Modesto jail information you need is available at Bad Boys Bail Bonds. We help our clients understand jail procedures, inmate information, and other crucial info. As bail bond agents, we can also post bail for yourself or a loved one. With premium rates and flexible payment plans, you can depend on us for your bail bond needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Stanislaus County Jail Visiting Hours

Face-to face non-contact visits and video visitation

  • No Visiting Wednesday
  • Thursday – Tuesday: 0800 – 1100, 1200 – 1600, 1900 – 2100
  • Visiting Closed: 1100 – 1200 & 1600 – 1900
    • For additional visitation information, or information on visitation for the other detention facilities in Modesto, visit their information page here.