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Santa Ana Bail Bonds when you need them. After an arrest, suspects will either be released from custody on their own recognizance, or will be required to post bail. The amount of the bail is often dependent on the charges and their severity. At that time, the criminal defendant will need to decide whether to post bond using their own cash, or pay the services of a bail bondsman in Santa Ana. Our Santa Ana bail bonds company assists defendants in custody in obtaining a quick release.

We Are Professional Santa Ana Bail Bondsman

The main benefit to using a bail bondsman in Santa Ana is the need to avoid coming up at 100% to be released from custody. Our Santa Ana bail bonds company usually charges a 10% fee for the full required amount of bail. When our services are rendered, the Santa Ana bail bondsman covers the bail by charging the 10% fee to the defendant.

Fast Santa Ana Bail Bonds

We provide bail bonds in Santa Ana and assume all the risks in the event that the defendant does not appear in court in front of a judge to face their charges. Because of that, we often accept collateral as a way to cover the bail. This is often the form of equity in assets the defendant owns including homes and automobiles. In the event that the defendant does not show for their hearing in court the Santa Ana bail bondsman will find them to receive their compensation.

Pay You Own Way With Bail Bonds in Santa Ana

While it is true that the defendant in the case can post the 100% bail and receive all their money after appearing in court, many times it is too challenging to liquidate assets in time. Because of that, the defendant will have to remain in custody until their assets can be converted into cash. Alternatively, posting Santa Ana bail bonds allows for quick release from custody.

Get A Professional Bail Bondsman in Santa Ana When You Need One

Our bail bonds in Santa Ana are available 24 hours every day, seven days each week. In fact, approval for a bail bond can happen in minutes over the phone. Our Santa Ana bail bonds services accept a variety of payment methods including cash, credit cards and certified checks. Posting bail quickly allows the defendant in the case to take care of their family’s needs. They can maintain their job, earn money to pay their bills, and work at their convenience with their attorney in building a solid defense for trial. Having the ability to post bail quickly allows the defendant to be with their family after just a couple of hours. The entire process is much simpler when using a Santa Ana bail bondsman.