Know Your Rights, Why? Jail Sucks

Know your rights. Why? Because jail sucks. A lot.

The U.S. Constitution and Mama say: No laws shall be made that prohibits favors or opposes anyone’s religious choices. No agency can arrest a person for saying what they think. The media, in all manners, has the right to present news and opinions. Anyone or any group has the right to assemble peacefully and to petition the government. This right is what it’s all about!

Citizens Can Purchase, Own, and Carry Firearms

Citizens are allowed to purchase and carry guns to protect and ensure the safety of homes, people, property, state, or country. That’s your 2nd Amendment Right, y’all!

No Citizen Shall be Required to House Soldiers During Times of War

No organization can force citizens to house soldiers without the homeowner’s expressed consent.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

To be charged with a crime, law enforcement agencies, both state and federal, have to show probable cause or have good reason to charge a person with a crime. No law enforcement agency is allowed to enter a home without the owner’s consent or without a warrant granted by the courts….been there, done that!

To be prosecuted for a crime, a grand jury must hold a vote. This vote must state that sufficient evidence points towards the defendant’s participation in a crime. It must also say that there is enough suspicion that the person charged with the crime may be guilty. No court can force any person to make statements the will incriminate them. Due process of law is a basic entitlement for everyone. This statement means that law enforcement officials must take the proper legal steps from arrest through outcome. If the government seizes property for public use, it must pay the owner a fair price for it. That’s the GRAND JURY, baby!

You Have the Right to a Speedy Trial and a Lawyer

After an arrest, everyone has the right to a speedy trial. This right ensures the accused won’t have to wait long without ever hearing the charges against them. The law entitles everyone to a lawyer if they cannot afford one. And everyone has the right to know who their accusers are. Bad Boys Bail Bonds offers the lowest filed premium rate of 7% Attorney-Client Referral: PAID IN FULL.

Anyone has the right to request a jury trial when it comes to civil matters. That’s right, baby!

The Court sets bail.

The amount of bail that is set is dependant on the seriousness of the crime. The punishment must also fit the crime—court updates and magistrates to set.

Rights Extend Beyond the First 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution

Just because the first 10 Amendments do not explicitly mention certain rights does not mean that people do not have those particular rights. Know your rights, baby!…….and then you’ll have to go to Cornell University Law School to read the rest.

Know Your Rights and Remember: Mama Wants You Home!

Mama reserves her right to love the Constitution of the United States of America. Know your rights. “Because Your Mama Wants You Home” 1.800.BAIL.OUT

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