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In an article from Cal Coast, San Luis Obispo bail bonds companies claim they saw a dip in revenue. Those companies saw a decline in revenue simply because, for most people, affordable bail is out of reach. In other words, people cannot afford to post bail with family, friends, or loved ones. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the ongoing problem of overcrowded jail facilities.

“Parents and others are more prone to leave their loved one behind bars, mainly due to lack of funds necessary to post bond.” – Daniel Blackburn, Cal Coastal News

Overcrowded conditions and a lack of affordable bail means jails release defendants on their recognizance. Moreover, courts will issue an arrest warrant when a defendant fails to appear in court. It is fair to say, at this point, that the police are overwhelmed with outstanding arrest warrants.

What Can We Do About It?

So what can we do about it? First, it’s essential to recognize the need for bail bond companies, especially in California. When someone posts bail and fails to appear at their appointed court date(s), the bondsman uses their time and resources to ensure that the defendant returns to court. Are there consequences if they don’t appear in court? Well, there aren’t many. There are potentially two million unserved warrants in the United States alone.

It’s unfair to blame California’s overcrowded prisons on unaffordable bail. Jails are overcrowded because many people don’t qualify for a bond. If anything, courts should grant bail more often to alleviate crowded conditions. This way, they’ll have a third party overseeing the defendant while out of jail. Moreover, unlike the police, who don’t have the time to monitor each defendant, taxpayers aren’t paying bail companies.

So, how can someone afford to post bail in the first place? First, find a bail company, like Bad Boys Bail Bonds, that offers affordable financial payment options.

Bail Bonds Companies Help Achieve Affordable Bail

Companies like Bad Boys Bail Bonds have proven to be the most effective form of pretrial release. The company’s primary goal is to see that defendants go back to court. Bail bonds shouldn’t be an either-or situation. Bail companies and police departments should work in tangent to ensure defendants are held accountable for their actions. Moreover, Bad Boys Bail Bonds have the lowest legally filed premium rate of 7% attorney-client referral if paid in full.
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