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Keep Your Attorney Close, But Keep Your Bail Agent Closer

Exercise your Constitutional Rights. Most of us are probably familiar with the adage: “Keep your attorney close, but keep your bail agent closer.” Of course, no one ever plans on using a bail bond agent, but keep your bail agent close. Bad Boys Bail Bonds will surely aid and fulfill your RIGHT TO BAIL. It […]

What To Do While Out On Bail

Being released on bail allows you to attend to your fiscal responsibilities up to your trial and can help you avoid losing employment or housing from jail. You are not home-free once you post bail, though, and if you don’t follow the rules laid out by the court, you could forfeit the collateral backing your […]

Why Bad Boys Bail Bonds is Your Trusted Partner in Navigating the Bail Process

At Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we understand the stress and uncertainty that comes with navigating the legal system, especially when it involves securing bail. Our mission is clear: to provide individuals from all walks of life, including low and moderate-income families, a reliable avenue to exercise their 8th Amendment right. This commitment ensures that justice […]

When in Doubt Always Hire the Best

When in doubt, always hire the best. That is where Bad Boys Bail Bonds come in. Former NFL player and retried teacher Joseph Orduna was acquitted of charges that he had made sexually suggestive comments, hugging and inappropriately touching two students. That whole procedure must have been a nightmare for Mr. Orduna. Not only was […]

Granting Bail Helps Reduce Recidivism

When courts look for ways to decrease the flight risk, they turn to bail agencies. Besides granting them freedom, bail agencies monitor their clients and see that they attend support programs such as employment, educational opportunities, counseling, and drug rehabilitation. All of which serves the purpose of breaking the cycle of recidivism. What is Recidivism? […]