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When in Doubt Always Hire the Best

When in doubt, always hire the best. That is where Bad Boys Bail Bonds come in. Former NFL player and retried teacher Joseph Orduna was acquitted of charges that he had made sexually suggestive comments, hugging and inappropriately touching two students. That whole procedure must have been a nightmare for Mr. Orduna. Not only was […]

Granting Bail Helps Reduce Recidivism

When courts look for ways to decrease the flight risk, they turn to bail agencies. Besides granting them freedom, bail agencies monitor their clients and see that they attend support programs such as employment, educational opportunities, counseling, and drug rehabilitation. All of which serves the purpose of breaking the cycle of recidivism. What is Recidivism? […]

How to Pick the Right Lawyer

Here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we understand that it can be pretty tricky to find a lawyer specializing in the law area you need. The field of law is so vast that lawyers must specialize in a particular practice area. While all lawyers must have a competent understanding of a wide range of legal […]

Mama Says: Prop. 25 Isn’t Good News For Criminal Justice System

If passed, Proposition 25 ends the constitutional right to choose bail (or one of the other pre-trial release programs) by replacing the bail system with computer algorithms. Under Prop. 25, those computer algorithms will determine who qualifies for pre-trial release. In all, Proposition 25 is a bad idea for California. “As a retired Superior Court […]