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Are Bail Bonds Necessary?

Bail bonds have long been a fixture in American society, and for a good reason too. Bail bonds are a critical piece of our justice system that ensures that everyone has access to an affordable way to pay for bail. Without bail bonds, there is no reliable way to ensure that everyone has access to […]

California DUI Laws: Checkpoints

Get a designated driver and know your DUI checkpoints. If you get caught call 1.800.BAIL.OUT or use the Bad Boys Bail Bonds inmate locator. What are the California DUI Laws? Anyone granted the driving privilege has given consent to law enforcement to conduct chemical testing of the motorist’s blood or breath. Driving a vehicle under […]

Know Your Rights, Why? Jail Sucks

Know your rights. Why? Because jail sucks. A lot. The U.S. Constitution and Mama say: No laws shall be made that prohibits favors or opposes anyone’s religious choices. No agency can arrest a person for saying what they think. The media, in all manners, has the right to present news and opinions. Anyone or any […]

Should You Hire a Bail Bondsman or Pay Your Own Bail?

Should you pay your bail or hire our professional bondsmen? Contact Bad Boys Bail Bonds to learn more Today! Getting into trouble with the law is never a fun experience. Even if it is all just a misunderstanding, jail can be quite detrimental to your life. Therefore, getting out of jail and back to your […]

Who Regulates the Bail Bonds Industry?

Mama says: Who regulates the bail bonds industry? Well, that answer is a little complicated, but we’ll do our best to make it as clear as possible for you. Basically, The California Department of Insurance (CDI) regulates the bail bond business. They’ve done so since the passage of the Bail Bond Regulatory Act in 1937. […]