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California Supreme Court To Move Forward With SB-10

The California Supreme Court decided to move forward with Senate Bill 10 (SB-10), even though thee bill remains on hold until a referendum vote this November. They’ve already begun implementing the policies laid out in the bill, and have spent $68 million of taxpayer dollars in the process. Where Did The $68 Million Go? When […]

California Bail Reform Bill on Hold Until 2020 Referendum

According to The Los Angeles Times: After the passing of Senate Bill 10 in California by ex-Governor Jerry Brown last year, the state prepared for an overhaul of the cash bail system. However, the bail industry, armed with over 400,000 signatures, passed a referendum forcing the bill to be put on hold until after November […]

Veteran’s Day Discount

Today, November 11, 2019, we celebrate Veterans Day, a day to take time to show our admiration and gratitude towards those who served in our nation’s military. So, on behalf of Bad Boys Bail Bonds, thank you for your service and sacrifice. We truly wouldn’t have many of the freedoms we take for granted without […]

Google and Facebook Ban Bail Bonds Ads

According to a Google blog post by David Graff, the search engine giant (along with Facebook) have decided to start banning bail bonds ads from their platforms. The blog posts states that they are removing bail ads in an effort to protect users from “deceptive or harmful products”. “Today, we’re announcing a new policy to […]

California Voters Get a Say in Cash Bail Reform

According to the Visalia Times Delta: Senate Bill 10 and the California cash bail reformation has been postponed until after the November, 2020, election in which California voters will get to vote on whether or not to reform the cash bail system in the state. Is Reforming the Cash Bail System a Good Idea? While […]